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Learning Modules

Learn to use the best tools for supporting your companies

How to support your local CCI companies in reaching for the international markets? How to organise successful international events and programmes?

Creative Ports piloted different Internationalisation Tools between 2020-2021. Based on them we developed Learning Modules that are open for all the CCI intermediary organisations and experts working with CCI companies to use and give you detailed information on how to use different Internationalisation Tools yourself. For example, you can find practical guidelines, templates, introduction videos as well as tips and tricks from the organizers.


Hence, if you are looking to learn more about CCI Internationalisation take a look at our Learning Modules and start to employ them yourself!

A virtual exhibition that presents design products by artists and designers from the Baltic Sea Region.

Allows creative companies and entrepreneurs to network with each other, learn more about the internationalisation of CCI start-ups and SMEs, and be inspired by the many great projects out there working towards a more sustainable future.

An event with a “pick and choose” format that allows to mix inspiring talks, interactive workshops and roundtable discussions with linear TV, film streaming, artist showcases, and other fun stuff in a more informal direction. An alternative to boring zoom meetings.

An informal get-together where the participants can talk about their projects, get feedback, and possibly find new collegues, or simply be inspired by other great companies.

An exchange format to scan current international and macro-regional challenges, trends and ideate suitable solutions.

Capacity-building, networking and mentoring programme for VR/AR developers, SMEs and researchers.

Conference as a door-opener to local markets, raising awareness and capacities about the business environment of CCI in a new internaional market.

An event that brings together artists/ design-makers and mentors from different countries to support the Baltic Sea Region artists/ designers in entering new markets and adapt sustainable principles.

Prototyping Lab for designers of different disciplines to foster cross-innovation and answering societal challenges with design.

An acceleration program for young generation game developers. Consisting of multiple different modules, the program offers capacity-building, coaching as well as networking possibilities for the game developers.