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Reports and Analyses

Research Study

with a focus on Mobility Funding and Cooperation Funding tools

Our partner ARS BALTICA launched a research study on Cultural Funding tools with a focus on Mobility Funding and Cooperation Funding. The aim of the research study which was done in cooperation with On the Move is to map all relevant funding tools on Mobility Funding and Cooperation Funding for the CCI. The study includes the current state of the arts regarding the funding schemes, sub-sectors, cross-sectorial potential trends, discrepancies and access to funding.

The study also proposes policy recommendations for future equal accessibility on funding tool and knowledge for all eleven Baltic Sea Region countries in order to address the huge gaps of access to funding between countries and the specificities of the different CCI sub-sectors.

Consolidated Report

Analysis of nine regions participating in the Creative Ports project

The report is prepared in 2021 on the basis of the information collected within various activities during the Creative Ports project implementation.

The aim of this report is to present consolidated information about Cultural and Creative sectors in 9 regions participating in the project (Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), Estonia, Lithuania (Vilnius), South Savo region (Finland), Central Denmark region, Skåne region (Sweden), West-Pomerania region (Poland), Hamburg (Germany), and Schleswig-Holstein region (Germany).

Work is a four-letter word

A playbook for community-based workspaces

Work, what is it anyway? Life and work—the individual and the professional identity, the workplace and the colleagues, the digital office and the physical meeting place—is a whole package that should be reimagined from the ground up. As custodians of a coworking space for big and small businesses, the organisation Media Evolution from Sweden come to learn that one is more than a mere property manager. The book features 13 principles that they have come to learn are crucial for creating and maintaining a considerate space for work. Building on the mindsets the last part "Tools" digs deeper and makes the philosophies more tangible. With the use of the ten tools provided you can roll up your sleeves and get started transforming your space right away. The playbook was created by our partner organisation Media Evolution within Creative Ports.

Conference Making

How to make conferences great

The report digs into insights on where the field of conference making is headed, what future best practices might be and some tools for curating, communicating and facilitating conferences and events. The result is a report with easy to use perspectives for event makers to take into account in their creative processes. 

The report was created by our partner organisation Media Evolution from Sweden.