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Matchmaking PLATFORMS

Learning Module 4


WHAT? A simple "how to guide" with short video commentary on developing, plan and facilitate online networing activities for game developers

WHY? No need to reinvent the wheel on activities for CCI

HOW? Watch the videos for a quick introduction on how to 1. Plan and recrute participants, 2.Moderate and technical facilitation, and 3.What to consider in the future for online networking. Finally you can download an easy to implement "step by step" guide to use planning your own event.


Hosting Partner:  Filmby Aarhus
Contact: Katrine Broe Sørensen kabrs[at]


To gain knowledge and "plug n play" tools to plan, conduct and evaluate online networking sessions for game developers or other CCI professionals. The event supports intermedias in creating meaningfull matchmaking platforms for companies, especially online, and especially within CCI (where job opportunities and ressource flows are based on network accumulation)

The learning outcomes for the module are:

- understand how to recrute participants, moderate and organise an event about providing SMEs and game developers inspiration for new ideas, methods and technologies and providing an opportunity for matchmaking and professional exchange

- analyse the delopment, planning and facilitation of the online networking event and the plug n play tool

- evaluate the challenges and opportunities related to the implementation of the case study International Meet 'N Match

- apply the gained knowledge to develop your own idea for online networking sessions for game developers or other CCI professionals

- create a meet and match online networking event for different context

The learning module is based on the internationalisation tool – Meet ’N Match

The general aim of the International Meet ´N Match event was to provide a platform for game developers and other professionals within the gaming industry across the Baltic Sea region to meet and find potential future business partners and create an international network. In the match sessions, companies had the opportunity to connect with and get feedback from several mentors over a short period. Other goals included improving the internationalisation of SMEs within the gaming industry in the Baltic Sea region, experimenting with formats for informal digital networking and creating value through digital networking practices in precarious times. Therefore, an overall goal was to contribute to knowledge exchange within digitisation practices in the cultural and creative industries.

The learning material consists of three videos with "how to" guidelines including decribtions (video captions) of the three steps:

1. Before: Planning and recruting participants

2.During: Moderation and technical guidlines

3. After: Evaluation and further thoughts

Learning Materials

Download the Step-by-Step Guide and watch the videos for a quick introduction for before, during and after.

We wish you good luck with planning and facilitating your own "Meet'n'Match"!

General advice and thoughts on doing online networking event

DURING: How to moderate and facilitate networking and technical set up

BEFORE: How to plan the event and recruit participants

AFTER: How to evaluate with participants and plan future events