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Internationalisation Center St.Petersburg

Internationalisation Center St.Petersburg

The Pilot is currently being planned, follow this site for upcoming information!

The goals of the "Internalisation Center” are the development of CCI in the Baltic Sea region through the introduction of digital technologies, including virtual and augmented reality technology, into traditional art forms. The activities will provide support to the development of CCI, which are directly related to both VR/AR use, and products created with the use of VR/AR  technology in CCI activities.

The main task is to provide representatives of traditional creative industries with a tool in the form of knowledge and skills, which will allow them to create their own creative projects using digital technologies, as well as to promote such projects on the market.

The tool consists of 3 activities:

  1. A 4-day training course "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy".
  2. A conference aimed at highlighting virtual and augmented reality technologies and the possibility of using these technologies by representatives of creative industries.
  3. Competition for innovative and creative projects created with the use of VR/AR technology  (including software products).


Hosting Partner: Non-commercial Partnership European-Russian InnoPartnership
Contact: Daria Bozyreva bozyreva[at]