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ABCD - Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation

ABCD Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation

Intends to gather intermediaries and cultural practitioners in online sessions

The goal of the ABCD - Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalization is to define current real needs for internationalization within the CCI sector in each region, to map and prioritise these needs in order to collectively find and draft possible solutions in response to the expected value expressed needs of the participants.

The identification of internationalization vulnerabilities and cocreation of ideas to increase the international activity of participants refers to Creative Ports’ goal of a strong and sustainable internationalization of CCIs in the Baltic Sea.

The online format allows to communicate and interact in an international context involving participants from various BSR countries.

Each format consists of two sessions à 3-4 hours within 3 days moderated by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek from Change Pilots ( and facilitated by ARS BALTICA. The tool is directed to intermediaries and regional/ local actors in the BSR.

All participants will receive a brief form for mapping of the most urgent needs and participant expectations. Additional instructions will be provided prior to the workshops on how participants may prepare for the sessions. Each format will be followed by a brief summary of the outcomes.

Hosting Partner: ARS BALTICA
Contact: Alisa Woronow alisa.woronow[at]