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Tools & Resources

The Toolbox for Internationalisation!

The Interreg project Creative Ports (2019-2021) aimed to improve and encourage collaboration between the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) actors of the participating countries in the Baltic Sea Region and to further develop strategies and processes around internationalisation. The main goal was to exploit the unused potential of CCI internationalisation by better analysis and learning from each.

Creative Ports brought the relevant groups of cultural institutes, business support organisations, municipalities, incubators and universities together to bundle their competencies and create synergies. Here you can find the outputs of the project.

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Internationalisation Roadmap

Your way to internationalisation

The INTERNATIONALISATION ROADMAP consists of important steps, i.e. milestones, for the CCI intermediary organisations to reach. The aim is to increase intermediary organisations knowledge and skills about the internationalisation of the CCI and to give necessary tools to develop sustainable services for SMEs.

Internationalisation Tools

The instruments to support your businesses to get international

We use different instruments and programs to support our local businesses in their internationalisation activities. We call them Internationalisation Tools. The Creative Ports partners have gathered their best internationalisation practices to be piloted between 2020-2021 during different cultural and creative industries events and occasions around the Baltic Sea. We will gather the experiences and learnings from the pilots to shared with you all! Our Internationalisation Tools include joint showcases, fair visits, festivals, acceleration programs and much more – covering multiple CCI Sub-sectors such as film, gaming and music industries.

Learning Modules

Learn to use the best tools for supporting your companies

How to support your local CCI companies in reaching for the international markets? How to organise successful international events and programmes? Our Learning Modules will enable the capacity building for experts working with CCI companies as well as for other CCI intermediaries. We will collect the best practices from all around the Baltic Sea region and through our Internationalisation Tool pilots and turn them into Learning material – for you!

Policy Recommendations

Enhancing the  internationalisation  of  creative  and  cultural  industry  support  organisations  and  enterprises  in the Baltic Sea Region and thus fostering growth and employment is the key aim of the  Creative Ports  project (2019–2021). To this end, the project partners have prepared a set of recommendations targeted at public authorities, decision makers and CCI support organisations. The  26  policy recommendations fall under  5 themes and are  proposed to foster the internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative  industries.