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Policy Recommendations for CCI Internationalisation

Creative Ports News

You want to know more about the Policy Recommendations that were develeoped during the Creative Ports project?


The set of recommendations for supporting the internationalisation of CCIs in the Baltic Sea region was based on the experiences of our project partners in the project and beyond. These recommendations are targeted at local, regional and national level authorities in the BSR working directly or indirectly with the CCIs, as well as other stakeholders working with internationalisation programmes and policy instruments within local and regional strategies.

The final version of the recommendations, based on the co-creation process and a literature review on existing CCI reports and policy documents
in the EU area, was written by our partner, the RDI specialists from the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

The final 26 recommendations that are proposed to foster the internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative Industries are divided into 5 themes:

  • Build conditions for value creation
  • Provide internationalisation support
  • Enhance internationalisation capabilities of business support organisations and intermediaries
  • Collaborate and build ecosystems 
  • Develop the Cultural and Creative industries

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We are also sharing some of the policies every Wednesday on our Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #PolicyRecommendationsWednesday. Check them out!