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VR/AR Competition for Creative and Innovative Projects | Creative Ports Pilot


Our partner Non-commercial Partnership "European-Russian InnoPartnership" are organising a competition of creative and innovative projects developed with the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies!

What the competition is about

The main priority of the competition is to support the innovative development of cultural and creative industries by stimulating the use of modern solutions in the field of virtual and augmented reality. The purpose is also to support young talents and specialists involved in the development of entertainment and educational gaming applications created in virtual and augmented reality as well as creation of conditions for creative search, provided by new technological opportunities.

The competition is held in three directions:

  • nomination "Best Project in VR"
  • nomination "Best Project in AR"
  • nomination "The Best Project on the Varwin Platform"


1-30 June:

  • acquaintance with the training part (available to everyone);
  • submission of competitive work (ready works in the nominations "Best project in VR" and "Best project in AR", execution and submission of work in the nomination "Best project on the Varwin Platform");

31 July

  • deadline for submitting the works; primary selection by a panel of experts, the formation of a list of works that have passed to the second stage and which will be presented to the professional jury;

9 August

  • jury meeting, presentation of works by the participants, formation of a finalists’ shortlist, which will be awarded at the International Conference of Virtual and Augmented Reality;

14 August

  • presentation of works winners awarding at the Conference.

The competition is held online, the announcement of the results will be held in St. Petersburg in person as well as in online form.

Requirements for participants

  • age from 18 years;
  • citizens of the Russian Federation or the Baltic Sea countries (namely: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark);
  • individual participation or a team of up to 4 people
  • the applications should be sent to bozyreva[at] until 31 July.


For the nominations "Best Project in VR" or "Best Project in AR":

  • training course of the Far Eastern Federal University (choose from "Developer Unity 3D. Basic course", "Developer Unity 3D. Augmented reality", "Basic course of Unreal Engine 4");
  • presentation of the developed projects to the Creative Ports project partners online at the final conference of the Creative Ports in September with the opportunity to get an advice from international experts on the promotion and further development.

For the nomination "Best Project on the Varwin Platform":

  • 3-month internship in the company and work with real commercial projects
  • annual subscription to Varwin Education;
  • the opportunity to make a presentation at an online event hosted by the company.

Varwin Education

Varwin Education is an ecosystem for teaching virtual reality technologies and sharing multimedia content. Working with Varwin Education allows a user to learn the basics of programming, which will become the basis for serious development on Unity, to implement your own projects in virtual reality, 3D graphics and more.

The platform provides a user with the opportunity to study the built-in editor of 3D and VR-worlds, get acquainted with the visual programming language Scratch, download and use third-party 3D models in their projects. The platform also implements objects that allow a user to create interactive simulations and VR excursions with 360 panoramas. Working in the platform will allow users to both develop existing skills and acquire new competencies in the field of developing virtual reality products.

The platform is of particular interest for those who wish to create teaching materials in VR and use VR technologies as a cognitive tool that allows to fully explore the topic and subject.

Organizers and partners

Non-commercial Partnership "European-Russian InnoPartnership", VARWIN, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Haptic.Team, Boiling point. The event is supported by the Committee on IT and Communications.

More information in Russian can be found here.