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South Savo’s female entrepreneurs going international | digiSyke 2020

CCI in BSR Inspiration

What does internationalisation mean to you? Leveraging social media? Networking beyond country boarders? Can small creative entrepreneurs go international or is this a big company play field only? Do you think networking is important in your field of work? What does networking mean to you?

Check out the four videos from the "South Savo’s female entrepreneurs going international" panel at the digiSyke 2020.

Go and check out what the awesome panelists are doing:


Designer Jenni Koponen

jewelry artist Kirsi Manninen

Lightning designer & lightning coordinator Elisa Hillgen

panel host & RDI Specialist at Xamk Piritta Parkkari

digiSyke 2020 was co-organised by the Creative Ports Partner South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Science (Xamk).