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Meet'N Match by Filmby Aarhus | Piloting Experiences

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Katrine Broe Møller Sørensen, project manager and the team behind Filmby Aarhus in Central Jutland, Denmark, has arranged the Internationalisation Tool "Meet'N Match" on 11 February. We have asked Katrine a few questions about the event.

Dear Katrine, what were the aims of the tool?

The general aims of the International Meet'N Match event is to:

Provide a platform for game developers and other professionals within the gaming industry across the BSR region to meet and find potential future business partners and create an international network

Improve internationalisation of SME’s within gaming industries in the BSR region

Experiment with formats for informal networking in a digital set up and create value of digital networking practices in precarious times, and thus contribute to knowledge exchange within digitization practices in the cultural and creative industries. 

The main objective is to provide SME’s and game developers with access to inspiration for new ideas, methods and technologies as well as provide an opportunity for matchmaking and professional exchange. Therefore, the international Meet ´N Match event is planned as a post event to our one-day conference “Digital Kids Today”. Also, the objectives are to provide the possibility for network and contact building, brand visibility and showcasing new projects or developments, as participants are expected to pitch projects as part of the event.

What were your personal highlights?

A highlight for me was to experience the engagement of the participants to learn from each other - their experiences and the way they made their networks and portfolios open to each other. Also the mix of national and international participants was nice.

What were your experiences during the digitalizing process of the tool? What did you learn?

The interest prior to the event was overwhelming and made us want to do these kind of events even more, as there is clearly a need for creatives to access networking opportunities - also during a pandemic. However the turn-up was somewhat disappointing as there were a great number of no-shows. However, we consider this a basic condition of online events at the moment, and we will look into possible ways to increase the engagement of the participants or ways to make people commit to their sign up - for example by implementing no-show fees. However, the event was very fruitful for the ones participating, making international connections and getting in depth feedback on their work.

Please share one feedback!

Game Developer (Danish): “I didn't have a specific goal for the event other than networking and hearing what projects were emerging in the industry. As such I felt like I didn't have as much to offer as some of the others but I did gain quite a few contacts on LinkedIn and gain some nuggets of wisdom from some of the advice others gave me [...] I didn't really know what to expect from an event like this when it was online, but I feel it was worth my time. I still prefer the physical networking events as I feel I get to know people better, and usually there are more local people that are quite relevant to talk to. Although an event like this did give some contacts outside of Denmark which can be nice too. Also the physical meet ups are usually more cozy. I liked that after the first round of talks everybody was joined together in one group when there weren't more people, so we could hear from everyone.”