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Game Mixer @ Hamburg Games Conference | Creative Ports Pilot

CCI in BSR Creative Ports News

Lari Sirén [Project Coordinator] and Dr. Ralf Eppeneder [CCI-Expert]  from Goethe Institut are arranging the Gaming acceleration program Game Mixer starting on 16 and 17 March alongside with the Hamburg Games Conference.


What are the main aims of Game Mixer?

The program aims to improve and develop the internationalisation capabilities of the young generation Game Developers. The program consists of different modules, concentrating each for a certain aim. To mention a couple, our external showcase – taking place this year on digital Hamburg Games Conference venue – gives the Developers and Studios the possibility to showcase their product to an international audience and thus also learning on marketing and presenting their Games in this kind of environment. In our Barcamp, or actually “Gamecamp”, as we call it, the participants have the change for peer-to-peer-exchange with other Game Developers from different countries around the Baltic Sea region. This will allows them to solve problems together and share thoughts and knowledge among their peers. With these and the other modules the participants get to experience a full-speed, all-around internationalisation course – in just 4 days!
What is special about the tool?
Absolutely the versatility of it all! Instead of just concentrating on one format and one aspect of internationalisation at a time, Game Mixer offers it all in one package . We also find it really important, that the participants form a group and get to experience this together. It doesn’t just make it considerably more fun, but also triggers new cooperation possibilities and continuous peer-to-peer-exchange.

How did the idea for this tool come up?
The concept of Game Mixer was developed five years ago as a program of the German Season in Indonesia. In cooperation with the foundation of the German games industry the Goethe-Institut invited winners of the German Video Game Awards to Jakarta and Bandung to meet young Indonesian game developers. As the format was evaluated very positive by the participants, the Goethe-Institut realized the program in the following years in South Africa and Brazil as well. 

The BSR is known for its vibrant games industry and games festivals. It therefore makes a lot of sense to invite young game developers to a program where they exchange ideas, learn from each other and discuss and show their products. 

Where can the participants register?
The group is filling up already, but if you just found out about this, check the criteria from our Facebook-page and if you think you and Game Mixer would be a perfect match, contact lari.siren(at) ASAP!

The Game Mixer part I will take place on 16 and 17 March adjoined to the Hamburg Games Conference. The part II including the Barcamp, Peer-Mentoring will be organised in early May (date TBD).