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NordArt Digital Tour on YouTube | Culture at Home

CCI in BSR Inspiration

Since 1999 the NordArt has established itself as one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe which takes place anually in the summer months in North Germany. More than 200 international artists, selected by a jury, present a comprehensive panorama of contemporary art. Each individual work not only speaks for itself but also creates new perspectives when seen juxtaposed against the unique backdrop offered by the Carlshütte and the adjacent historical sculpture park.

NordArt presents four Digital Guided Tours through NordArt exhibitions on YouTube with works by international artists.

1st tour:  Czech artist Michal Gabriel

2nd tour: Chinese artist Liu Ruowang

3rd tour:  Slovak artist Viktor Frešo

4th tour:  Sculptor Jo Kley

Visit NordArtonline (you can activate english subtitles!).


Photo: NordArt_2019_foto Wohlfromm, Halle IXI Jianjun (China) "Babylonian", wood, H: 750 cmZHANG Dali (China) "AK-47", acrylic on canvas