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MESH Festival 10-13 November | Piloting Experiences

CCI in BSR Creative Ports News

Ida Åstrand, Business Unit Manager and the team at Media Evolution in Southern Sweden, has arranged MESH Festival that took place on 10-13 November 2020. 


What were the aims of the tool?

1. Inspiration for new ideas, methods, technologies 

2. Networks and contacts 

3. Cooperation partnerships / B2B 

4. Brand visibility / Showcasing of products and services  

5. Capacity building / Peer learning 


What were your personal highlights?


The lunch with new friends concept [1 hour, 1 zoom room, 7 real humans] is a true Media Evolution classic and it’s always a jolly good time.


What were your experiences during the digitalising process of the tool? What did you learn?

To be courageous. We tried out as many formats as we could really. Film-screening, workshop, round the table talks, informal meeting, webinars etc. I learnt that a “round the table talk” can be even better online as you need to prepare carefully in order to create engagement. 

I also learnt that we need more informal “matchmaking events”. That’s where the magic happens and people still just want to meet and just relax and talk (with no hidden agenda).



“I really like the concept of Mesh Festival. Now I'm watching MeshTV. We are thinking about using your experiences and “copying :-)” the concept of the event during next year's Westpomeranian Days of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.“ (Marta Ciesielska, Creative Ports partner, Westpommeranian Region)