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First Creative Industries Symposium in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Opening podium of the day
CCI in BSR Inspiration

Wanting to connect the CCI further, the CCI Contact Desk's partners ARS BALTICA and PA Culture are sharing an event review from the first Creative Industries (CI) Symposium in Schleswig-Holstein (SH), Germany.

The event was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (German: IHK) Lübeck. The IHK zu Lübeck has lately established a work group specifically for CI networking in SH and beyond and following this notion initiated the symposium that is to be repeated once a year in future.

ARS BALTICA and PA Culture were able to provide a link between Germany and the BSR whilst hightlighting their and the CCI Contact Desk's impact in sustainable networking across boarders. Visibility by joining forces was one of the main topics of the day and Marcus Hagemann, director of ARS BALTICA emphasised this, as he sat on the opening podium on the topic of a status report of CI in SH.

Read more about the event in the review from ARS BALTICA's perspective here.

The CCI Contact Desk is eager to see what may potentially arise from events like this. Thank you to ARS BALTICA and PA Culture for sharing their experience of it with us.