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CYCLE UP! International Student Poster Competition

Ad Cycle Up! Poster Competition

(c) Cycle Up!


International students are asked to join the CYCLE UP! International Poster Competition 2024 and use their creativity to tackle important issues around sustainable urban mobility.

CYCLE UP! is looking for original artworks that capture the essence that cycling is for everyone. The best posters will be displayed in an international exhibition at the Goethe-Instituts in Prague and Tallinn and the winning poster will be used to promote European Peace Ride activities in 2024. Throughout history as well as today, the European Peace Ride promotes cooperation and addresses social issues through cycling and culture.
The poster should reflect the idea that cycling is for everyone and highlight the importance of sustainable urban mobility for our cities. The joy of cycling, its positive impact on mental health, and its role in promoting European unity through cultural activities further form the guiding concept.
Added bonus: As well as having one's poster on display at the Goethe-Instituts' exhibitions, the successful students could score a trip to the Pochen Biennale in Chemnitz and there are prizes worth up to 300 EUR as well.

Eager to shape urban mobility through arts and culture?

More information on the competition is found here.