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On January 16th and 17th 2024, the CCI network of the Baltic Sea Region met to discuss their future visions. The CCI Contact Desk would like to express its gratitude to all the organizations and institutions that participated in the meeting and contributed valuable input and ideas. As a result, here is the initial summary of the meeting's outcomes:

Staying connected

At the network meeting, we were reminded of the importance of physically bringing people together to exchange ideas. We are now responsible for maintaining communication and expanding the network by bringing in new partners. As such, the CCI Contact Desk assures you that the exchange of contact information after the meeting was just the start of our efforts.

Here are the possible steps and formats that we discussed during our network meeting:

  • New network meetings: The first physical network meeting of the CCI Contact Desk was very inspiring, and we would like to repeat it in the future. Therefore, the CCI Contact Desk is exploring new ways and possibilities to get together more often. One idea that was suggested is to rotate the hosts for meetings.
  • Match-making: Bringing people together is essential, but creating valuable project partnerships is even more crucial. As the network has expressed the need to map the cooperation partners in the creative and cultural industries, the CCI Contact Desk will work on a suitable format using the website and input from its partners.

Being a learning community

The cultural and creative industries encompass vast fields of knowledge and expertise. As the CCI network in the Baltic Sea Region, we aim to fulfill two crucial aspects: Firstly, we strive to become focal points and harbors for CCI actors in the region, where they can learn from us and get inspired. Secondly, we aspire to grow ourselves by exchanging experiences and helping each other. There is much to discover and learn in this domain, and we are committed to facilitating its growth and development.

Here are the possible steps and formats that we discussed during our network meeting:

  • Rotating focus countries: An idea was proposed to showcase one country from the Baltic Sea Region at a time in a continuous manner. That would include highlighting the country's needs and the current status of its Creative and Cultural Industries. This approach would allow the featured countries to share their experiences and represent their community in the spotlight.
  • Study visits: As previously mentioned, the CCI Contact Desk will continue facilitating study visits among cooperation partners and exploring suitable formats to promote such opportunities.
  • Create a brand and map out the subjects related to CCI (cultural and creative industries) and the partners' competencies; presenting good examples: The CCI encompasses many fields and subsectors. To ensure that each subsector receives the attention it deserves, the CCI Contact Desk will create a map of the different sectors in which partners are active. That will provide an overview of the network's competencies and actions as well as help interested parties identify potential cooperation partners or contacts. To make this information easily accessible, the CCI Contact Desk will restructure the CCI website.
  • Working with universities, enhancing and supporting mentorship and entrepreneurs for artists and entrepreneurs: The CCI network in the Baltic Sea Region aims to be a resource for CCI actors, providing support and opportunities from the grassroots level.

Being visible

The CCI network of the BSR aims to promote the growth of the cultural and creative industries in the region. The CCI Contact Desk invites project partners to use its social media channels and websites actively. It will also provide more action impulses to encourage partners to contribute to the event calendar on the website and social media posts.

Being sustainable

The CCI Network Meeting was a source of inspiration and productivity. During the meeting, we realized the importance of gathering and the need to continue with this format. As a result, the CCI network expressed its desire to apply for EU-funded projects that can support the development of cultural and creative industries. We should also focus on the future and explore ways to sustain the CCI Contact Desk.