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Vivita x CCI Contact Desk: An Innovative Educational Program on Invention Launched in Estonia

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An Estonian educational program on the topic of invention begins.
A new educational program will be launched in Estonia, led by Vivita's invention laboratory. It aims to introduce students and teachers to the tools of inventing, prototyping, and presenting their ideas, following the example of the famous family movie "Important Noses" (estn. Tähtsad Ninad). The program's educational materials will be available free of charge to all interested parties in Estonia.

The founder of Vivita's invention laboratory, Mari-Liis Lind, explained that the "Awesome Prototypes" program will equip students and teachers with the necessary skills and tools to generate creative ideas, develop inventions and prototypes, and present them to target groups.

The inspiration for this program came from the movie "Important Noses", where the main characters invent a nose-shaped glasses holder, and their classmates invent a window glass that changes color according to the temperature outside. Lind said that inventing new solutions and designing ideas is based on specific working methods, which they have taught children and young people for the last five years through non-formal education at the Invention Laboratory. 

Now, schools can use this accessible learning resource to conduct their own workshops in a creativity accelerator format. It provides students with easy-to-use tools to develop, test, prototype, and present their ideas to audiences.
Study materials are available for free use to all schools across Estonia:
In addition, students and instructors can take part in guided workshops, both individually and with the whole class, which take place in November and December in different cities:
November 15 in Rakvere 
November 23 in Tartu 
December 4 in Pärnu 
December 5 in Saaremaa 
December 6 in Hiiumaa 
December 14 in Tallinn 
Workshops are conducted by Vivita children and youth creativity accelerator mentors, and alums of JA Estonian student companies participate as volunteers. In the workshops, the movie "Important Noses" about young inventors will be watched for inspiration, inventing tricks will be introduced, and prototypes will be created. Material for teachers explains mentoring principles and guides mentors in providing feedback.
The CCI Contact Desk supported the preparation of the study materials.
Vivita is an international network of creativity accelerators for children and Youth whose Vivistop workshops and invention labs encourage children and young people to create, discover, and experiment. The network includes 12 creativity and invention studios in seven countries on four continents: Estonia, Lithuania, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, the USA, and New Zealand. Vivita Creativity Accelerator for Children and Youth has operated in Estonia since 2018. At Vivita, there are no teachers or a formal educational program. Still, the leaders of the activities are the children themselves, the learning is self-directed and participation-based, and the decision-making processes are democratic. Adult mentors play a supportive and inspiring role in this journey. The methodology allows the learner to take responsibility, supports independent learning, and an approach that takes into account the interests and abilities of each learner.
SA Junior Achievement Estonia promotes entrepreneurship and economic education in Estonia. The organization, which has been active for over 30 years, stands for the organization of a good Student Companies® and the Labor Day program.
"Tähtsad ninad" is a new domestic family comedy from the makers of "Supilinna salaseltsi," which was selected as the only domestic feature film in PÖFF's international children's and youth film competition program Just Film. The movie encourages children and young people to be creative, try new things, and find solutions in difficult situations, increases awareness of ethics and responsibility related to money, and gives an idea of success and challenges related to business. "Important noses" is suitable for viewing, discussing, and carrying out practical projects in social studies, technology education, entrepreneurship education, or career education classes.