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THE SECOND BALTIC SEA CREATIVE WORKSHOP - "From Contact to Connection: Tools for Effective Partnership Building"

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Is there a recipe for a successful international partnership? Probably more than one.

Does the recipe have to be followed rigorously and to the letter? Probably not. Once you know all the ingredients and the basic steps to be followed there is a space for letting loose, improvising a bit and… enjoying the results! The better the partnership, the better the project at the end. 

This workshop will explore different variations of partnerships and scenarios for partnership building based on case studies, real-life experiences and lessons learned (i.e. “learn from the mistakes of others…”). We will give you hints and tips on what, when and how so you are safe and happy with the results. There will be something for beginners and for those already advanced in international cooperation eg. from where and how to find international partners (and not just any organisation to partner up with but how to find those that would be the best possible fit) through what not to forget while drafting partnership agreements to how to keep partners engaged during the whole process.  

We will also decode “a successful partnership”. Is it the one that allows you to get the grant? The one that guarantees running a project smoothly? Or maybe the one that lasts after the final reports are submitted and ready for the next challenge? At what stage should one involve partners: ideation or drafting grant application? That’s for you to decide. Throughout this workshop, we might help you with that too.

Our expert:

Agata Etmanowicz - shamelessly likes people, her speciality is "connecting the dots". She asks a lot of questions and encourages others to ask questions.

She designs and conducts not only workshops but also processes and programs for professionals in the cultural sector (industry-specific, cross-industry and for specific organizations). She also produces “her own” culture and artistic projects as well as helps others with the realization of their dreams.

Together with Impact Foundation she created the capacity building programmes with audience development and accessibility in the core for European Capitals of Culture (for Wrocław 2016, Kaunas 2022, Trenčín 2026 and Budweis 2028) and co-operated with other Capitals, e.g. Kosice 2013 and Rijeka 2020.

In the past, she dealt with cultural policy - both locally and at the European level (from EU programs, through support for the creative sector, to European Capitals of Culture and the Eastern Partnership). For over a decade, she has also been associated with Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź and its ART_INKUBATOR.

She believes in “Keep Calm and Carry On" and that "nothing is impossible”.