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International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology in Creative Industries

14 August 2021

The conference with the participation of the Baltic Region countries’ representatives is intended to become the final stage of the events of the Internationalisation Tool “The Internationalization Center”, that is organised by the Creative Ports' Partner Non-commercial Partnership "European-Russian InnoPartnership".

European and Russian experts in the field of VR/AR technologies in cultural and creative industries (CCI) will gather together to discuss which possibilities give VR/AR to cultural and creative industries, demonstrate the most successful cases, exchange experience, discuss the measures of support and development of CCIs in the Baltic Sea Region and summarize the results of the project activities such as the competition of innovative and creative projects with the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Key issues that will be discussed within the framework of the International Conference:

˗ challenges and measures of CCIs support and development in the countries of the Baltic Sea region

˗ issues of VR/AR technologies development and application in CCI:

 - development of a creative project using virtual and augmented reality technologies - from A to Z (working place of an artist, programmer and other participants)

 - application of other related technologies in CCI (laser scanning and photometry, robotics)

- development of a virtual reality platform (equipment and technology, modern VR equipment)

- markets and sales sites for VR/AR content

˗ directions of using VR/AR technology in CCI: fine arts, theatrical art, galleries and exhibition complexes, fashion, game design, "video 360", and other areas, including conducting master classes

- how VR/AR could help to find new customers and reach a new level

˗ application of VR/AR technologies in other industries: educational projects, projects for the preservation of cultural heritage, archaeological projects, ensuring safety at work

˗ successful cases in the use of VR/AT technologies in CCIs, including the experience of museums, galleries, theaters

˗ viewing projects of participants and summing up the results of the competition of innovative and creative projects with the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies

˗ summing up and evaluating the usefulness of the activities of the Internationalization Center


If you are interested, please, contact Daria bozyreva[at]

Time frame:
14 August 2021 - 14 August 2021 (All day)