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Export Speed Mentoring

Export Speed Mentoring

Export Speed Mentoring is a one-day event that brings together design-makers and mentors from Estonia, Sweden, Poland, and Germany to support the Baltic Sea Region designers in entering new markets and adapt sustainable principles.

During the event, all designers will have individual mentoring sessions with three foreign market experts and one circular economy consultant. The local market mentors will help participants to assess their business potential in different countries and advise them on market entry strategies, product development, competitive landscape, and marketing possibilities. Designers will also have mentoring sessions with circular economy experts to discuss ways to make their business models more sustainable.

In addition to mentoring sessions, the program also hosts different speakers, who will share their internationalization experiences and success stories to inspire and encourage others to reach their goals. At the end of the event, all designers will have an understanding of their potential in different countries and ideas about the first steps they should do for market entry.

The organisers invite designers in the field of fashion and accessories to explore new markets and think about sustainability!


The organisers are looking for designers who have established themselves in the local market and want to expand their business internationally.

The criterias for appliying are are: products within fashion & accessories, capacity to increase the existing production volume, production within Europe, at least one full-time worker, resources to invest in internationalization, online platform, English proficiency.


The creterias for applying are: experience and overview of the local fashion & accessories market, understanding of local consumer, attitudes and purchasing behaviour, business/sales/marketing know-how within the industry, English proficiency.

Export Speed Mentoring is initiated and hosted by Tallinn Business Incubators and executed in cooperation with Media Evolution, Westpomeranian Region, Media Dizajn, and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellshaft.

Hosting Partner:Tallinn Business Incubators
Contact: Nele Plutus nele[at]