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BALTIC HOME Exhibition Second Edition


During the exhibition the designs of contemporary artists will be juxtaposed with the classics of coastal design. The furniture and objects are shown for all those who, while living globally, can appreciate local values. The uniqueness of the objects is shaped away from the big factories and the sight of production belts. From the moment the concept about them appears in the head of a local artist until production. This creates a picture of not only great authenticity, but above all love for what is local. The exhibition will be opened on 4 November at 5 pm and can be visited until 24 November at INKU Incubator of Creative Sectors in Szczecin.

A series of workshops will also be held during the exhibition, such as a Business Models Workshop with Monika Klein and Hanna Wysocka on 10 November, where the participants, using the Business Model Canvas, will develop business models for selected innovative ventures. On 15 November Leszek Lewandowski will helf a Carpentry workshop that is aimed at familiarizing participants with the proper use of tools, developing manual skills and acquiring the basics of carpentry and upholstery skills. A Christmas Fair with Young Art will take place on 24 November, where artists associated with Szczecin will present their works in various techniques.

The whole programme in Polish can be found here. The Baltic Home Virtual Exhibition will be available from 10 November on the Media Dizajn Association website.

The exhibition is organised by Media Dizajn Association (Creative Ports Partner) and INKU Creative Industries Incubator.