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We have some hot news from Filmby Aarhus

Creative Ports News

The first one is the THIS festival that will take place on 1-3 November. THIS is a platform for storytellers to share fantastic stories within the fields of streaming, series, games, film, television, immersive technologies, and innovative business. The festival acts as a curator of innovative and interactive experiences, introducing new technology and novel ideas through talks, panels, premieres, and exhibitions. The organisers provide creative professionals with a platform to cross-pollinate; people who all share the desire to improve the quality of the produced and distributed stories, while discussing the challenges of tomorrow.

The second one is MiXR: a lab, made for the propagation of new technologies in the industries of film, TV, games, and animation, located on the harbour in #Aarhus. Therefore, MiXR hosts workshops, open labs, events, and company-oriented processes about new technologies – all the while working actively to create new networks and cooperations. All MiXRs activities are free.

Filmby Aarhus is Aarhus Municipality’s focus on film, media production and digital experiences. Filmby Aarhus houses 80+ media businesses producing films, VR, games and much more plus two film studios and two educations (VIA Film & Transmedia and Kaos Pilot).