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Hacking + Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea 2021 | Review

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The annual Hacking + Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea took place on 13 and 14 of September, organised within Creative Ports by our partner Danish Cultural Institute. The event aimed to bring together creative start-ups from around the Baltic Sea Region and to foster new cross-cultural connections exceeding borders and fields of expertise, while still centralizing around a greener and more sustainable future within the creative industry.

The Hacking + Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea kicked off on 13 September with a warm-up day in Copenhagen. The participants took part in a day focused on thorough networking with likeminded green and sustainable companies such as Khora Virtual Reality, BLOX and SPACE10. The companies all generously shared their knowledge relevant to the participants own start-up companies. The participants got also the opportunity to network with EUNIC members and CCI-support organisations.

On the next day the event moved to Aarhus. In the beautiful rooms of our partner Filmby Aarhus, who has been organizing the event together with Lifestyle & Design Cluster, the actual Hacking + Pitching- Competition took place. Through out the day the participants worked on a fictional case thought up by an expert mentor team consisting of Kata Börönte and Maria Herholdt Engermann.

The event focused on a sustainable digital transformation of the lifestyle industry and on the question how technology and creative storytelling can contribute to sustainability and green transformation of the lifestyle industry. At the end of the day the pitching itself took place. Here the participant pitched to a very capable jury consisting of Laura Očagova, Karoline Haulund, Martin Thörnkvist and Christian Nyhus Andreasen. The group of winners were announced at the end of the day, to round up the whole event Latvian popstar Chris Noah performed before the participants went out for a dinner.