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Creative Entrepreneurs from South Savo | Regional Profiles


Creative entrepreneurs skillfully combine their knowledge and knowhow cross-sectorally. Tai Chi and handmade jewelry may seem like two entirely different skills but they both have lots in common. Peace, tranquility, beauty and empty spaces for reflection. Kirsi Manninen, the skilled Tai Chi teacher and jewelry maker of is a master of many trades who opens her heart to others through her work. Visit Kirsi's website and watch her video on Creative Ports' YouTube channel.

Meet the creative entrepreneur: Elisa Hillgen, lighting designer and light artist. Light is almost like magic and effects our daily lives. It creates a feeling of safety, emotions and memories through its beautiful reflections, shadows and movements. Elisa is passionate about spreading her knowledge on lighting so others can also understand the meaning of light and the value in investing in good lighting.Learn more about Elisa here and watch her video.

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