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Be BIG by Baltic Explorers | 25 and 26 March


Baltic Explorers are organising the transnational game industry event "Be BIG" on 25 and 26 March to boost Finnish, Estonia, Latvian and Swedish game exports in the world's biggest game markets Asia and the US.

Be BIG offers two days of astonishing expert talks that are all connected to developing business in games. Be BIG includes insights on team building, starting a business from scratch, diversity, pitching, and publishing, along with experiences in startup marketing and maintaining business relations in Asia. The program includes talks such as "Starting a Games Business Straight out of School and What I've Learned from My Mistakes" or "Diversity as an Asset in Games Business".

More information and registration can be found here.

Baltic Explorers are boosting the Central Baltic gaming industry to explore possibilities and allow gamers to catch a global market. The project offers specially designed programs for all gaming companies, no matter what level of development they are in the moment, in four different countries, at the same time. Baltic Explorers teams drive is to support those teams and provide them with necessary tools, network and mentorship, to succeed and catch the promised deal at the US market or the Asian market.