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ABCD Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation | Piloting Experiences

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ARS BALTICA organised the Internationalisation Tool ABCD Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation on 1 - 3 March that was moderated by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek from Change Pilots. Read more about the event and the organisers' experiences during the digitisation process.


What were the aims of the tool?

The aims of the ABCD Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation are to define current needs for internationalisation within the CCI sector in the Baltic Sea region and to map and prioritise needs by learning from each other. An additional goal of the format is to create synergies for and with the participating partners and to improve the internationalisation skills during the pandemic.

What were your personal highlights?

It was great to see how the participants got creative and collected a total of over 120 ideas (!) for three internationalisation problems set up by the group together. Mapping the needs helped us to see the bigger picture of the challenge and allowed us to seek the right potential solutions. The most important part was the sharing process, where the participants were able to discuss the good practices, listen to their stories, and support each other.

What were your experiences during the digitalizing process of the tool? What did you learn?

After many participants have registered for the event, only a part of them attended. For the next ABCD Scanning Tool Workshop we will consider how this issue could be solved. When digitalizing the ABCD format, we made sure that the duration would not be too long, as the attention span is shorter in digital. Also, many energizers are needed in digital events to raise one's own energy level.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the next ABCD Scanning Tools that will take place on 12-14 April and 17-19 May, the registration will be published here a few weeks before each format.