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Sustainable Design Lab | Creative Ports Pilot

CCI in BSR Creative Ports News

Lea from Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is organising the international prototyping Lab for designers of different disciplines - Sustainable Design Lab. Learn more about the event in our interview with Lea.

What are the aims of the tool? When will the tool take place?

The Sustainable Design Lab is bringing together designers of various disciplines to develop ideas and prototypes in the context of ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (SDG11).Our foremost goal is to connect designers from very different cities (Hamburg, Mikkeli and Riga) who can learn from each other and get inspired by each other's practices. Over the course of 3 months, they will be able to participate in different workshops and keynotes with a focus on sustainable and circular design. We are convinced that we need to address our biggest challenges - such as climate change - internationally and that the creative industries are driving innovation in this regard. So the aim of this tool is to unite, to learn, to create change! We have just published our open call last week and are planning the first workshop for 19 March. The programme will then run until the beginning of June.

How did the idea for the tool come up?

I only recently joined Creative Ports, so I wasn’t involved in the initial brainstorming… but I know that my colleagues gathered during one of our partner meetings in Hamburg with a cup of coffee and this idea of a traveling pop-up lab was born. We changed the name for obvious reasons and had to change many aspects of it, unfortunately… but collaboration and international exchange are still at the heart of this programme. We believe that sustainable design has a huge transforming power and can change the way we see and consume things. “Cities” have become the red thread of the programme because it obviously connects the participating designers from Riga, Mikkeli and Hamburg beyond their diverse crafts, but also because it directly affects our everyday lives. Lastly, we think that it offers great chances to learn from international experiences with urban development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Is there a session / workshop / part of the pilot that you are especially looking forward to?

I can’t wait to meet the international group of designers for the first time, of course! I think it will also be super interesting to see how they interact and actually build things in the virtual world.


More information about the Sustainable Design Lab can be found here.