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Baltic Home Exhibition 29 September - 16 October 2020| Creative Ports Pilot

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The Baltic Home exhibition will present furniture and functional design by artists from the Baltic Sea. The sea inspires artists on various levels. In most of them, we find references to the philosophy of creation in the trend of mindfulness and respect for craftsmanship, but above all towards nature.

Scandinavian design is widely known, but the design of the rest of the Baltic Sea is not but gives way to quality and creativity. The Baltic Sea is a sea of ​​many nations, therefore on display we can find exhibits from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Poland.

The Baltic Sea countries are characterized by extraordinary potential and rich resources. There is a mixture ahead of us different cultures, different views that will merge and allow you to move to the Baltic home where we will find not only peace and relief. It is nature that sets the rhythm to the rough waves at sea, and so do we during the exhibition, we will create an abyss of emotions.

The Baltic Home exhibition was created on the basis of the Creative Ports project carried out as part of the Program of European Territorial Cooperation - Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020 and co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund. Its main purpose is to support the sustainable development of the cultural, creative and
internationalization of its representatives in the Baltic Sea Region

The creative sector combines culture on the one hand and the economy on the other. Experts characterize creative industries as activities that have their origin in individual creativity, skills and talent. They have the potential to create wealth and create jobs across generations and intellectual property exploration. Thanks to the diversity of the creative sector it is the main one the core of the services of the future, and can enrich the traditional sector, crafts or handicrafts.