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Interview with Tiiu Allikmäe from Creative Estonia


The Baltic Sea Region is full of great Cultural and Creative Industries initiatives and projects. With our interview series we would like to present some of them. For the following interview we asked Tiiu Allikmäe from Creative Ports Partner Creative Estonia a few questions about their project Creative Digital Transformation.


The Creative Digital Transformation EU project (2021-2023) is coming to its end phase. What are the main outcomes of the project, and how can CCI professionals reach them and benefit from them?

The Creative Digital Transformation project accelerates the digital transformation of entities, SMEs and organisations in the three target sectors via creative and innovative solutions, by strengthening their workers’ competencies, and by reinforcing the cooperation and networking within them.

During the project we have compiled a Visual Virtual Map of European Good Practices of creative strategies to digitally/virtually transform activities at a local level,  developed two online courses “Digitalisation of materials and events”, one for educators and cultural/touristic staff and one for managers and representatives and prepared a cycle of training webinars on creative process planning.

We believe it is a must to contribute to the resilience of professionals in the cultural, touristic, and education sectors by building up their cooperation and networking capacity as well as supporting them to implement innovative practices. All these materials are free to use, every person interested in their skills development is welcome.


What were the major challenges of the project? How the project will continue?

As the level of knowledge about digitisation varies widely between countries and sectors, our challenge was to put together materials that could benefit everyone. The best practices on the virtual map are a source of inspiration, in the training materials section you can find the training that is right for you and webinars give you tips on how to improve your soft skills and apply service design. All materials are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Estonian. The materials are there to stay and we can use these for other projects as well.


What potential do you see in cooperation between CCI organizations and SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region with regard to digital transformation?

There is no way we can overlook the need for digitisation. A major effort has been and is being made in all areas. By working together, we can share best practices, introduce new tools and be better prepared to meet the challenges in the field. Sharing is caring!


The hybrid forum "Digital Culture-Living via Avatars" will conclude the project on 16 March with the aim to raise awareness of new digital tools and features as well as to discuss the influence of new approaches to the sectors.

Photo by Jana Laigo