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Interreg Baltic Sea Region #Interreg30 photo competition

Interreg Baltic Sea Region have launched public vote for a favourite project picture within the #Interreg30 photo competition.  If you like Creative Ports' pictures, that were taken during a trip to the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg and Malmö Konsthall, your votes are highly appreciated. You can vote until 25 September on Interreg Baltic Sea Region's Facebook account - the picture with the highest number of reactions (likes; loves; wows) wins!

1st picture:
This picture, taken during a trip to the Elbphilharmonie at a partner meeting in Hamburg, shows some partners of Creative Ports. In the background of the picture you can see water - water that refers to the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea unites the partners and creates a sense of community within the Baltic Sea Region.
The partners may look in different directions, find different things interesting and worth seeing - approach the project with different ideas and experiences in their own region, but they are all united by a sense of community through their participation at the project and its goals. An all-embracing view can be created by the exchange of different point of views - strong networks can be build by the exchange of knowledge and skills and by learning from each other.

2nd picture:
This photo which was taken during a project meeting in Malmö, Sweden shows some project partners during a dinner at Malmö Konsthall, one of Swedens largest spaces for contemporary art. Everybody knows: this time together after workshops and lectures during the day creates a special community feeling. You can talk about whatever you want: a movie that you just saw, a good book or the impressive paintings that are hanging right in front of you and underline the project's relation to cultural and creative industries. And don‘t forget: "creatives are the new heroes!"

All along 2020, the Interreg community celebrates 30 years of Interreg and cooperation in all its shapes.