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Creative Ports

Internationalisation of the Cultural and Creative Industries

What would life be without music and how can we get through our days without art? How does product design shape our everyday experiences and without stories that touch us, how would digitalization evolve? What is the recreational and educational value of games? What feelings arise from performances - on the stages of our theatres, and the screens of our cinemas?

Clearly, the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) have a profound effect on the everyday life of people around the world. Whilst offering tremendous intangible value, the CCI sector impacts significantly on a social, cultural and economic level. The sector provides employment and substantial economic opportunities for cities and regions, and CCI professionals are amongst the most educated, innovative and dynamic members of the population.

A strong and sustainable internationalisation of CCIs in the Baltic Sea Region is the goal of 14 partners from 8 countries, striving to facilitate change together. Our collaboration in Creative Ports aims to unlock the international potential of CCI actors in the Baltic Sea Region and elevate their activities beyond their borders.

By bringing together a multitude of actors such as incubators, cultural institutes, public authorities, NGOs and others, we can bundle competencies, create synergies, and raise the capacities of CCI actors. In enabling them to be more interlinked, complementary, adaptive and competitive, they become stronger and more resilient on the global stage.

We work jointly and with passion, to empower the CCI intermediaries in the region. We believe that their contribution to European identity is fundamental to intercultural exchange and social cohesion and is a key factor in improving the quality of life of millions.

Join us on this journey!

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